Pass It On: funny, fascinating and useful retro household tips from the 1950s

Keeping the kids occupied

May 1, 2020

Steve shares tips from the 50s on keeping kids occupied – and to Connie and Chris’s delight, they’re brilliant! We’re nearly at the end of our first year of publishing these podcasts, and when we hit our last episode in Spring of 2020, we’ll be mothballing it for a little while – we think the fifties housewives would approve! We’ve extended the discount code – which gives you 20% off the Pass It On books at just by entering ‘darning’ at checkout – to 30 June 2020. You can help us make a case for a second series by buying the books and telling your friends to listen to season one of this podcast; book sales and downloads of the podcast help us prove that our kind, interesting little experiment is loved and wanted – and isn’t that all anybody wants?

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